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Orion is a rogue like game in pixel art.


Orion has fallen…sent out of the god valley by his own brother Arian…Several decades later a mysterious people living on the floating Kardia cubes has disappeared, leaving behind them vestiges of the past. In the same time some Jeroba explorers emerge at the earth’s surface to find new source of Kardia…


  • Single player, rogue like game adventure with RPG mecanisms
  • Choose your path and make your own dungeon manipulating floating cubes of kardia
  • Meet 6 colourful NPCs and become friend with them
  • Fight against monsters and 6 unique boss
  • Cross the world and discover 4 unique biomes
  • Beautifully and rich pixel art, inspired by games from our childhood
  • Improve your hero and your skills unlocking new powers


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Orion : Shadow of Jeroba Credits

Clément Pévrier
CEO, Game Designer, Producer, Writer

Stéphane Mercier
Associate, Game Designer, Art director, Writer

Mathieu Chillon
Dev, procedural generation and many others stuff

Julien Brillet
Dev, Gameplay and many others stuff

Thomas Lefevre
Dev, FX/graphics prog and many others stuff

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks